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LA 390 / 590: Smart Landscapes

Smart city conceptualizations have been focused on real-time data acquisition and expansive sensor networks that utilize information technologies to improve urban functioning. But how do these systems relate to landscapes? What is the role of smart technologies in landscape functioning and design? Defining smart systems technologies, their role in landscape functioning, and their application to design are the main foci of this course. The course aims to provide a comprehensive view on smart technologies; the past, current and future of urban-landscape informatics tools; the challenges to delivering on the promise of the Internet of Things; and the applications that have been successfully applied. Smart concepts and tools are categorized according to application fields as: land use, transportation, environment, energy, social issues, economy. The course will provide an introduction to the technologies, case studies, and lab-based practicums on informatics models in each category. Design implications and connections and design tools will also be explored.