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There has never been a better time to become a landscape architect.

As a field, landscape architecture is uniquely equipped to address the ecological, cultural and aesthetic future of our planet. Rising temperatures, flooding, rapid urbanization, resource depletion, and global inequity create an even more urgent need for innovative approaches in design. 

There are more ways to practice landscape architecture than ever before. Many of our graduates become principles in leading design firms; others work in urban parks districts, community development, and the arts. For some, a landscape architecture education prepares them for graduate degrees and careers in related fields like planning, architecture, and heritage management. 

We offer two accredited degrees – a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) and a Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) – and a PhD.

Through design education and research, we turn bright minds into problem-solving powerhouses – young people who make profound and lasting contributions to society and the environment. We use design and research to generate new knowledge that shapes the development of healthier, more equitable, sustainable, vibrant places.

We’ve worked hard foster an environment where people feel comfortable, welcome, and heard. Our students and faculty look to each other for ideas and support and rely on each other to grow and change. 

Come learn with us!