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Beyond the Classroom

SEDAC wins Illinois Sustainability Award

We are pleased to announce that the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) recently won a 2018 Illinois Sustainability Award for its work to reduce energy consumption across Illinois.  Brian Deal, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Executive Director of SEDAC, accepted the award on SEDAC’s behalf.

The Illinois Sustainability Award recognizes private and public Illinois organizations that have demonstrated outstanding sustainability achievements, helping to protect the environment, sustain the future, and improve the economy. Read about other award winners here.

SEDAC’s Vision: Affordable, reliable, clean energy for all

Housed in the Department of Landscape Architecture, SEDAC is a public-private partnership between the University of Illinois and 360 Energy Group. SEDAC staff, landscape architecture faculty, and student interns work together to help communities achieve energy savings and reduce operating costs, through design assistance, outreach, research, and education. 

SEDAC’s vision is a world in which all people have access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy. SEDAC partners with energy consulting firms, utilities, state entities, and other energy efficiency organizations to transform markets, making energy efficiency and clean energy choices more viable and accessible.  

Measures of Success

Since 2004, SEDAC has provided design assistance with energy savings to more than 2,700 public and private facilities and communities across Illinois. Energy efficiency measures implemented from SEDAC recommendations have led to cumulative savings of 2.4 billion kWh and 117 million therms. This represents savings of nearly $300 million for Illinois businesses, public sector facilities, and communities, helping to create or sustain 2,700 jobs. These energy efficiency measures have also improved the safety of facilities and the health of users, through improved air quality, increased comfort, and greater code compliance. 

SEDAC also educates and inspires people to become more sustainable and pursue careers in energy efficiency. They have presented at over 500 workshops, webinars, course lectures, and other events throughout the State of Illinois, reaching 25,000 facility managers, students, engineers, community leaders, architects, and others. SEDAC has trained 90 student interns, including graduate students in Landscape Architecture. Former interns are engaged in the clean energy and energy efficiency industries worldwide.  Learn more about SEDAC here.