Research by Prof. Mary Pat McGuire featured in The Architect’s Newspaper

Research being undertaken by Prof. Mary Pat McGuire has been featured in online and print editions of The Architect’s Newspaper:

“When it rains, Chicago faces challenges from above and below: With 25 percent of the city paved-over, rain can’t reach the soil and absorb the onslaught of water. An aging and under-capacity sewer system causes regular flooding and even sewage discharge into nearby water bodies. The challenge is immense—for Chicago, one inch of rainfall equals four billion gallons. Until recently Chicago’s answer to the problem has been an infrastructure project no less than epic—read costly—in scale. But one landscape architect is leading an effort to change how the city can unlock its hidden potential for storm water management.”

•  Zach Edelson, “Chicago digs deep to fight flooding, but the city’s geology may provide another solution” (October 24, 2016).

Mary Pat McGuire Faculty Profile.