Fellowships, Scholarships, & Prizes

We understand that it can be daunting to determine how to cover the expenses of a degree. The University and our department do our best to put you in touch with resources that will help you pursue your degree. Undergraduate and graduate students are automatically reviewed for some awards at the time of application as funding permits. Admitted students will be notified of any additional financial support offers through the admissions process. Through the great generosity of alumni and friends, the Department is able to offer a variety of fellowships, scholarships, and prizes on a competitive basis to the most qualified undergraduate and graduate students. Opportunities for merit-based financial aid for graduate students include fellowships and assistantships that provide tuition and partial fee waivers. Support for graduate students may also be offered in the form of a teaching or research assistantship. These much-appreciated gifts make it possible for students to pursue education in landscape architecture, to travel, and to undertake exploratory research.

In addition, funding may be sought at the Graduate College and University level. Our BLA Handbook and MLA Handbook provide more detailed information.

For Undergraduate students, the Office of Student Financial Aid provides a wealth of information about sources of funding.

For Graduate students, the Graduate College provides support and resources for students seeking financial help, including a Fellowship Finder database.

More funding possibilities are posted as they arise in the Opportunities Blog maintained by the Academic Affairs Coordinator.