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David L. Hays

My interest in landscape architecture first emerged through study of art history and was later transformed through study of design. In keeping with that path, my work addresses both historical and contemporary situations. My historical research focuses on the invention and reception of new landscape types in early modern Europe. How did innovative designs come into being, and how did people respond to them? My research about contemporary landscape, my teaching, and my creative work all extend that inquiry to the present. I am particularly intrigued by curiosities of design—forms and approaches not typically associated with landscape architecture, such as landscapes inside buildings. Much of my work has focused on interfaces between architecture and landscape architecture: for example, buildings that move when temperature changes. In keeping with my background, I also have strong interest in the uses of history in design education and practice. In addition to my research and teaching, I am Co-Editor of Forty-Five: A Journal of Outside Research and Co-Director of the gallery Space p11.
Selected Recent Publications