Craig Reschke

Craig Reschke holds a Master in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Before coming to the University of Illinois, he was Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Landscape Architecture Department at the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design. He was also a lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and spent five years as Project Designer at SOM Chicago. Craig also has his own architecture and landscape practice in Chicago; Future Firm. His primary research furthers his MLA thesis, which proposed that the real-time data streams and mapping technologies of precision agriculture could be applied change how CRP sites are sleected and maintained, allowing a faster response time to conservation needs.

At the University of Tennessee, Craig taught "Landscape Aggregates: The Material Ecologies of Fast Matter" and "Between Big Agricultures: Hacking Conservation Policy in Farm Country." At SAIC, he taught two sections of Introduction to Architecture and Interior Architecture, a first-year undergraduate course for students interested in joining the AIADO department. 

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