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Courses Unpacked

Wondering what that class is really about? Faculty provide a behind-the-scenes look at individual courses and unpack what will be learned to help potential students understand what to expect.

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Nocturnal Landscapes: Codes, Flows, and Atmospheres

In "Nocturnal Landscapes" students explored the “codes, glows, and atmospheres” of nocturnal landscapes in the regions around Las Vegas.

Design Disrupted

Design moves forward when rules are broken. Faculty showcase ongoing research projects that challenge the status quo or cause people to rethink the approach to a problem.

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Cornfields: The New Landscape Frontier

Designer in Residence Katy Kraszewska discusses how landscape architects are seldom involved in designing the landscape most responsible for sustaining us.

Beyond the Classroom

The inside scoop on happenings outside the classroom. Faculty and students share stories about experiences, projects and life beyond the brick & mortar of the classroom.

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SEDAC: Landscape Architecture's Public Engagement Powerhouse

How does the Department of Landscape Architecture at Illinois reach out to communities and help them become more sustainable?


Capture wisdom from our students & professors from around the globe. Faculty and students tell of their research projects overseas and international students tell of their experience on campus.

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Design Scholars Receive Real World Experience in an Inspiring Setting

PhD Student Yvonne Gu discusses the Allerton Park Design Scholars Program, which gives students a chance to get valuable real-world experience.

Some Alum

Our alums are our brand ambassadors. Alumni discuss work projects, experience and opportunities afforded them from the education and degree received in Landscape Architecture at Illinois.

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Video Chat with Steven Gierke

Bill Sullivan chats with '05 grad Steven Gierke about his life after Illinois and experiences as a Principal at Hoerr Schaudt in Los Angeles.


Great design is felt. Faculty and students tell stories of moments that words alone cannot express.

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“Why Should Designers Care About Water?”

The effects of climate change demand that we rethink our approach to water. We need policies and landscapes that protect our most valuable resource.