2016 ASLA Student Awards

Landscape Architecture Graduate students Mamata Guragain, Xiangrong Jiang, Dongying Li, Fatemeh Saedi-Rizi, Rose Schmillen, Tum Suppakittpaisarn, and Architecture graduate student Carlos Flores won the 2016 Honor Award for Collaboration from the American Society of Landscape Architects. Their project, Seeding Sideyards, focused on landscape and well-being in the Belmont-Mantua neighborhood near downtown Philadelphia.

At the ASLA annual meeting in October Mamata Guragain accepted the award on behalf of her teammates. We asked Ms. Guragain and other members to reflect on what this award means to them, their responses are as follows:

“The award is a recognition of all the hard work we as a team did throughout the design process. It reflects the unmatched education we get here at UIUC in Landscape Architecture. To receive the award on the behalf of the group at the ASLA meeting was an excitement and a privilege.” -- Mamata Guragain

“Health and equity are some of the biggest challenges of this century. As designers, we strive to explore ways to promote physical activity, enhance mental health and life satisfaction, as well as battle green gentrification. Working in this interdisciplinary group with amazing faculty advisors allowed us to discuss multiple perspectives and generate new solutions, even come up with wild ideas. The learning and exploring experience was very precious to me.”  -- Dongying Li

"We had a great team, but that's not the only factor of why we won this award. Our success grew greatly by the comments from faculty and other students in Landscape Architecture at Illinois. We have learned how to conduct, implement, and narrate both scientific and design research into something tangible. The faculty pushed us beyond to invent something unconventional; and the Department has created an atmosphere in which students can work together and support each other throughout our designg processes." -- Pongsakorn Suppakittpaisarn

"We're very lucky to have had an amazing team with diverse skills and backgrounds, as well as a great faculty who pushed us to grow both in this project and throughout our educations. We're proud of this achievement and grateful for challenges like this that push us to become better designers." -- Rose Schmillen

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